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- Order reference number : 1624 -
The Observer's Book of Birds
With Rare Printing Error
- 1956 -

The Observers Book of Birds <br>With Rare Printing Error
Print Number : 986.556

- Order reference number : 196 -
The Observer's Book of Butterflies
Rare Edition with Error
- 1960 -

The Observers Book of Butterflies <br>Rare Edition with Error
Print Number : 757.260

- Order reference number : 591 -
The Observer's Book of Cacti
Rare Edition with Error
- 1962 -

The Observers Book of Cacti <br>Rare Edition with Error
Print Number : 620.1161

- Order reference number : 178 -
The Observer's Book of Aircraft
Sixteenth Edition + Error!
- 1967 -

The Observers Book of Aircraft <br>Sixteenth Edition + Error!
Print Number : 537.1166

- Order reference number : 1279 -
The Observer's Book of Observer's Books
Ninth Impression with Binding Error
- 2006 -

The Observers Book of Observers Books <br>Ninth Impression with Binding Error

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