This Is Not a Web Site
Digsby Wyscher's online "Anima-gram" Screensaver.
More front-end desktop magic from Digsby Wyscher. This is a modifiable online screensaver which uses DHTML and Javascript. Just enter a word or phrase and you can drag and drop the resulting letters anywhere on the page, making anagrams of your original message. Once you tire of doing this, click on start or press return and hey presto! - the letters burst into life and start moving around the screen, bouncing off both the sides of the page and each other.

Perfect entertainment for your corporate front end, or just a bit of fun to while away your coffee break...

Unfortunately, if you are still reading this, then the chances are that your browser is unable to support the Anima-gram. To remedy this we suggest any of the following browsers: Opera, Mozilla and Firefox or Netscape